Thursday, October 23, 2008


Prophecy - Having the ability given by God to speak a future event; To have a vision of future events.

· Prophecy that is given by God when it is dealing with a blessing is a mental picture of what is to come. That picture is a seed of hope planted in us by the words spoken by a prophet or any child of God being used at that time.

· Yes it shall come to pass because it was foretold. In between speaking and having the mental picture to the physical manifestation of that prophecy, there will be obstacles and trials that will and must come to try and destroy that seed that was planted. Some trials come to help usher in the prophecy of God.

· We have a job to do when a prophecy is spoken over or into our lives.

- To further explain prophecy as a seed… -

· Before planting a watermelon seed, when we first buy the packet of seeds, there is a picture of what the outcome or final product will be. It does not state in details what difficulties that will occur in the process of the development of that fruit. It does tell you how to plant that seed correctly in the right type of soil. It also tells you how much water, fertilize and sun it needs for it to grow. It also tells you that it needs to be cross pollinated in order for it to produce a fruit; (The word of God talks about the engrafted word of God and he states that if his word abide in you and we in him, we shall ask what we will and he will give it to us). Cross pollination is essential because it gives one flower something it was lacking in order for it to produce that fruit (prophecy).

· Prophecy is the picture of that watermelon on the seed packet. Once you see that picture, it places a mental picture in you and you hope towards that end results. That is the seed with in you, (hope/faith). Many trials and tribulation will come to make us think the seed will not prosper or develop. Disease might come, drought, storm and pestilent will come. But if we constantly tend to the seed/plant as it grows in us by applying the correct medicine; by applying prayer (sun), fasting (water), and reading the word of God (fertilizer), The seed or plant will eventually produce its intended fruit. Prophecy will come true.

· We can sterilize our own seed or kill our own plant or prophecy by allowing doubt (seed or weed) to over run the seed of hope (faith); tribulation (storm) to drown out our fertile ground; famine or lack of finances (drought) to cause our seed to wither away.

· These things must come and try our seed (faith), to see if it can weather the storms of life.

· These trials, if we stand, will make for an even better harvest when it is time to reap.

Hold on to your prophecy that God has given you. You shall reap if you faint not.

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