Monday, February 22, 2010

Forbidden Relationships

When something is forbidden, it is off limits; not allowed; a restricted zone.

Relationships are formed to establish bonds, unity; becoming one with someone. When a relationship is formed, both parties should be traveling the same paths to accomplish a common goal.

In life, we often form relationships that are not conducible to our lives. This can be because these types of relationships are formed out of our emotions. When our emotions are allowed to dictate our relationship, that relationship is destine to be nonproductive.

When forming a relationship, we should allow our knowledge of what we know to be true to help guide us. Our emotions can be controlled or affected by our surrounding circumstances if we allow it to be.

Before establishing a relationship, we should explore all there is to explore about our potential partner before solidifying a bond. Study who or what they are about, where they are going and how do they view you as a potential partner for life.

When God seeks to establish a relationship with man, he already knew who and what we were/are. He established that relationship based on his love he had for us even before we came to know him. This was and is evidence of his love toward mankind. He knew what the end result will be once we come into agreement with him, through his son’s blood that was shed for us all.

As ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are mandated to edify one another through the scriptures, there by helping to establish a relationship between the believers and God through Jesus Christ. When that relationship is formed – through their knowledge and faith in Him, they are then connected through a blood line that can not be broken. They are better able to stand and fight the goof fight of faith. They are capable of coming before the throne of grace and seek Him for themselves and sup and commune with Him.

Some of us are establishing forbidden relationships with those who we are suppose to be leading to God; with those who we are suppose to help establish a relationship with God. Instead, we are having men seek us for answers; for deliverance; for things we are not capable of provding ourselves. This leads to followers who are week, unsure, uncertain, and uninformed. They begin to live their lives in a cycle, never finding the way of escape out of their troubles. We might be able to console them for a while but when the carnal consolation fades away, they are back where they started, lost and confuse and feeling hopeless. They will continue to seek the advice and guidance of men and not God because it is all they know to do. When their faith is established on Jesus’ blood and grace – when they become aware of their help at the throne of grace, they will be able not only to escape their cycle of pain but will have the strength through Jesus to stand through them and know that God has, is and will deliver them out of them all.

We are not mandated to be “lords” over God’s sheep. We are tutors and instructors leading them to the Rock which is Jesus. We are to help them establish a personal relationship with Jesus and not birthing babes that desire to remain on milk and not wanting to grow or wanting to stand on the word of God themselves. We must cut these forbidden relationships that has formed out of our need to be accepted, recognized or revered among men who need God as much as we do.

If any man can not see God because of us, then it is a forbidden relationship. If no man can pray to God without us being there, then it is a forbidden relationship. If no man can obey God’s voice freely without consulting us, then it is a forbidden relationship. If any of us can not see God without seeing a man first, then it is a forbidden relationship. If we can not praise him until we get to a particular place, then it is a forbidden relationship. If we feel the need to consult with others before we obey the voice of God, then it is a forbidden relationship. “Have no other God before me – for my name is Jealous.” “Be not Lords over my sheep.” “I am the way, the truth and the life.” “No man commeth unto the father except by me.” “Be not deceived, God is not mocked.” “Come boldly before the throne of grace.”

It is up to each of us to know when a relationship is forbidden. He states in his word, “I will put my law in their hearts. They will know me from the least unto the greatest”. God has removed all excuses from men and has left it up to each of us to establish a relationship with him. We all must “work out our own salvation with fear and trembling”.

Establish a relationship with God by seeking him in prayer and asking his Holy Spirit to guide you and to live in you. Only with his guidance and grace are we able to come to the truth of his undying love towards mankind. Be not discouraged and be not dismay. Hope is just a breath away.

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