Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Severing Ties

The idea of leaving the familiar for the unknown can be unnerving. Leaving things and people that we have become accustom to for God to establish in us a more stable place, can be frightening at times.

Let’s take the children of Israel (the lineage of Jacob) for an example. They were held under Egypt rule for many years because of there disobedience and subsequently for their prosperity. When it was told to them by Moses that God was going to deliver them out of the bondage or from up under the rule of an unjust ruler, they did not want any part of it. All they knew, was that they would have to leave all they knew for over many years for something that they now nothing of except by words of Moses and there fathers. They have not seen their God in over 400 years and witness the gods of the Egyptians with their own eyes as the unbelievers serve them.

God instructed Moses to tell them that they were going to be delivered out of the hands of the Pharo and into the wilderness to serve a God that they themselves did not have any proof of that he even exist or will even perform that which he said. This required a faith move on their part first in order for God to move on their behalf. They fought against Moses initially and wanted nothing to do with the idea of moving from their comfort zone to the unfamiliar. But as we continue to read on, we see that they did finally took the step after many plagues were sent upon Egypt and not them. Once they got to the wilderness, the unknown barren place, they had to now depend on a God that they knew nothing about. They had to learn about him and establish a relationship with him through their trials and tribulation in the wilderness. Now like us, they went through their moments of unbelief’s and began to question God and began to make unto them a God that they can see so they could worship. See, when we are faced with trials and tribulations, we quickly go back to the familiar; what we believe would work. We began to rely again on our natural senses to get us out of situations and not rely on God. Many perished in the wilderness because of there unbelief.

As with us; God wants to move us to new territories, a new place in him. In order to do this, he must take our reliance of man and things and direct it back to him. He wants to establish a lasting relationship with us. Because of our dependency on others, this must be done through trials and tribulation. When we are faced with situations that no man or we can not fix, we then turn to God. This causes us to seek him fervently for an answer. Now this seeking establishes many things; first it gets us back to communication with God. From the beginning of time, God desires to communicate with man as he did with Adam in the garden. Second it establishes in us a reliance on God for an answer and not man knowing that God through Jesus Christ is the only way truth and the light. Third it is the foundation of a relationship that God wants with each of us. You can not have a relationship if you do not talk to him and commune and sup with him daily. He wants us to get to know the fellowship of his suffering and the joy of his resurrection. We can not experience the joy of his resurrection or our resurrection out of our troubles without suffering, without going through our own trials; for we are not greater than our master.

We at times are called upon to sever ties with our carnal crutches, rather it be people or things, only to establish a dependency on him through Jesus Christ. We must understand that until we see him as our source for everything and not other things or people, we will never be able to know or understand why he came down from heaven and sacrifice himself for us all so that we can fellowship directly with him. He wants no one between you and him when it comes to your salvation and when it comes to sustaining you. It will hurt to leave that which we have become comfortable with for the unknown, but know this, without faith, it is impossible to please him. We must step out from our comfort zone in order to step into Him; becoming apart of him soul and spirit.
Trust God and let go and see if He will not guide you and protect you. He said “I will never leave you nor forsake you”. Know that God is sovereign and he needs to consult with no other before he decides to move you or bless you. Be encouraged. This is only to get you to a better place in him.

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